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Kingfisher Farm

3-Week CSA Sampler Share

This option is for those who are brand new to CSA and would like to try it out to see if it's a good fit. You...


Top notch, thick cut bacon from pastured pigs. Excellent quality.

Breakfast Sausage

Excellent bulk breakfast sausage

Burger Patties

Ready to go, easy to cook.


Sweet, crunchy, long-storing, classic cabbage.


These are the sweetest carrots of the year!

Crimson Crisp Apple Trees

A delicious disease-resistant apple. Ripens mid-September, just ahead of Liberty and these 2 work well together as...

Fava Bean

Fava beans are a cold-weather bean, popular in England. The microgreens from these have a rich, earthy flavor and...

Fingerling Potatoes: French

Absolute gourmet potato. Dense yellow flesh, speckled with red. Light red skin. Boiled, roasted or in soups, these...

Fingerling Potatoes: Yellow

Awesome roasted potatoes! These are a treat.

Florina Apple Trees

A really nice, easy to grow, and very prolific disease-resistant apple. Florina comes from France but has American...

French Shallots

These are traditional red-skin shallots, with pink interior. They add that unique shallot richness and sweetness...

Full CSA Share Summer Season: 2023

The full share is a bushel box WEEKLY containing 6-12 items of seasonal, fresh-picked produce. You will receive a box...

Garlic Brats

Excellent flavor, great on the grill or in a lunch sandwich.

German Butterball

The perfect potato for stews, soups, and roasts. A rich, dense potato, you can't beat German Butterball for...

Gift Certificate

A great gift idea. Never runs out. Works for CSA, markets, online shopping.

Half CSA Share Summer Season: 2023

A full bushel box picked up EVERY OTHER WEEK: 6-12 items of seasonal, fresh-picked produce. You will receive a box...

Italian Purple Garlic

This garlic was given to me just a few growing seasons "off the boat," brought over from Italy, and now...


This batch of jam is from New Moon Farm in Morrisville. It's excellent!

Liberty Apple Trees

Liberty is an outstanding disease resistant apple tree. It is the backbone of most organic orchards. The apples are...

Local Raw Honey

Awesome local honey from our friends at Clinton Honey.

NY 35 "Igor" Apple Trees

A bomb-proof organic apple tree. Fruit is large and highly misshapen, so we named it Blushing Igor, while others...

Pea Shoots

Blast of spring, with shades of the flavor of sugarsnap peas. My kids love these and just eat them right out of the...

Polish Hardneck Garlic

Polish Hardneck is strong, big, and full flavor with a spicy kick. It is easy to peel and is the garlic we consider...

Potted Apple Trees

August and September are great months to plant potted apple trees! We have some beautiful trees ready to go into the...

Radish Microgreens

These are a beautiful addition to any salad, or just eat them on their own. They have a sweet, spicy flavor, with...

Red Cored Chantenay Carrot

An amazing stout, sweet, long-lasting carrot perfect for soups and stews. It can also be sliced into delicious...

Red Kalibos Cabbage

Probably our favorite cabbage on earth. This is such a locally adapted, beautiful, and very tasty cabbage. Comes...


Big beautiful root crop, with a sweetness brought on by the cold weather of fall. We love to roast these with mixed...

Salsa: Fire

Delicious salsa from Ginger's Farm in Morrisville -- all garden-grown ingredients!

Salsa: Medium heat

Delicious salsa from Ginger's Farm in Morrisville -- all garden-grown ingredients!

Salsa: Hot

Delicious salsa from Ginger's Farm in Morrisville -- all garden-grown ingredients!

Seconds Carrots

These are the carrots that branched, broke tips during harvest, or were down on the small side, etc. Nothing wrong...

Squash Curry Soup: Vegan, Organic!

A rich, hearty, delicious butternut-based soup. It is blended to a smooth, creamy soup that is perfect for winter...

Tetsukabuto Squash

Big, long-storing squash awesome for curries, stews, roasts, pies. Also can be thinly sliced and fried in a Japanese...

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